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REGAINE® should only be used for the treatment of hereditary hair loss. Remember to always seek advice from a healthcare professional first, before treating any hair loss.

Rejuvenate Hair Follicles

During the process of hair thinning due to hereditary loss, follicles eventually shut down and stop producing hairs, leaving them dormant – and impacting your overall hair volume. In the fight against hair thinning or loss, it’s important to try and spark these follicles back into life, rejuvenating them and forcing them out of their inactive phase.

One way you can inject some life into your hair follicles is by indulging in regular scalp massage. This increases the blood flow to your scalp – and with that increased circulation, comes all of the nutrients contained within your blood. This can help feed the follicles and ensure they’re in prime condition to grow.

Keeping your scalp in good condition is also essential for rejuvenating your follicles. Use a clarifying shampoo regularly to get rid of any build-up clinging on, and conduct your scalp massage with essential oils to improve the overall health of the skin there.

Getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals is also important for boosting your follicles. If your body isn’t getting the right nutrients, it won’t waste its precious resources on things like hair growth – it’ll utilise the vitamins and minerals it has to support vital bodily functions.

Women’s REGAINE® products are also powerful allies in your bid to rejuvenate those hair follicles – here’s why…

Let the reactivation begin

Hereditary hair loss causes hair follicles to shrink in thickness. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone related to testosterone which, along with genetics, is the biggest factor in hereditary hair loss, attacks the follicles, shortening the growth cycle of the hair and causing the follicle to decrease in size. Each subsequent growth cycle produces shorter, finer hairs until growth eventually ceases entirely. This happens all over the scalp, resulting in less volume and coverage of the scalp.

The minoxidil in Women’s REGAINE® products fights the battle of hair loss. It helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, as well as widening hair follicles to help them produce thicker hairs. It also helps to stimulate dormant follicles into life and keeps hair in the anagen phase, which ensures they stay on the scalp for longer, rather than in your hair brush or shower drain! All of these factors help you regrow more voluminous, beautiful hair. 

The elegant formula in Women’s REGAINE® Foam breaks down when the foam comes into contact with body heat. Upon contact, Women’s REGAINE® deposits the active ingredient, minoxidil, directly onto the scalp. 

So in fact, while Women’s REGAINE® Foam may look like a hairstyling mousse, it’s actually a convenient topical foam that helps reactivate dormant hair follicles to regrow hair.

It’s important to remember to keep using Women’s REGAINE® once you’ve started the treatment. If you happen to stop using the foam, all of the progress you’ve made in thickening your follicles and stimulating hair growth will slowly be lost, and your hair will revert back to its pre-Women's REGAINE® state.

Out with the old: Shedding happens

Once you’ve begun using Women’s REGAINE®, you may notice a little extra shedding within the first 2 weeks of use. This can be worrying for women who are already experiencing hair loss. Don’t worry — it’s actually a good sign! Increased shedding shows that the minoxidil is doing its job. By clearing out your older, thinner hairs which may have been a victim of DHT, you’re making way for beautiful, new hair to regrow. The shedding should subside in just a few weeks, as the hairs which the minoxidil has sparked into life start to grow and thicken. However, if the hair shedding continues, we recommend you see your doctor or pharmacist.